A Data Resource for Medical Professionals and Law Enforcement

Program Testimonials

Kennebec County (Augusta)

Peter Elvin, PA:

“We see many patients [in the emergency room] with whom we are…unfamiliar…requesting refills, or new requests, for opiates, narcotics, and pain medications. We see these people all hours of the day, often when corroborating primary care provider information is either difficult or unavailable to attain. Your regular communications have been very useful when evaluating our response to these requests. They help me to understand or identify who I am treating.”

Laureen Biczak, DO:

“I find the Diversion Alerts to be very helpful in being certain that I have a way to check if I am prescribing to someone who has diverted drugs…I review each report and feel more confident that I have information that might help flag someone who is at high risk or for whom I am prescribing who might be diverting. I see the reports as a distinct tool from the Prescription Monitoring Program and a welcome addition.”

Barbara Oesterlin-Heath, DMD:

“I am a general dentist in Augusta. I look at the [Diversion Alert] list to see if I recognize any patients’ names. This allows me to double check if I am suspicious of any patients seeking narcotics or pain meds. I appreciate having this database…Prescription drug abuse has become such a problem.”

Angela Chase, PA:

“I find the Diversion Alert Program quite helpful…The pictures on the site are beneficial to identify patients that have abused the prescription vs just a name. I am able to remember patients better by photo. I work in an Express Care clinic so we see patients that are new to us daily without past medical records… Having the database to look individuals up in helps with prescribing practices for me, [especially] in dealing with patient’s who present with chief complaint of pain.”

Aroostook County (Presque Isle & Caribou)

Jay Reynolds, MD:

“The providers at The Aroostook Medical Center, especially in our emergency department, find the information provided in the Diversion Alerts both timely and useful. The information gathered is not used to ‘label patients as drug seekers’ but to gain insight into the complex issues that our patients present and to implement the best treatments possible.”

Ann Gahagan, FNP:

“Diversion Alert has assisted me to make better decisions about the medication I give patients…It has alerted me more than once to a potential problem… [Diversion Alert] has been one of the most valuable tools I have used to keep my patients, the community and my practice safe.”

Oxford County (Norway)

Jo Abel, Refill Coordinator:

“I log on to Diversion Alert a couple of times a month and scan my county as well as neighboring counties for any of our patients, namely the ones we prescribe routine narcotics to…Prior to Diversion Alert, I really had no way of checking arrests, without checking every newspaper in this county and surrounding counties…Diversion Alert is a great, purposeful program in monitoring arrests for narcotic abuse in this massively growing narcotic using nation.”